The Duck Blaster Distortion is Luck Duck Pedal's first original distortion design. At it's core is a "muff style" gain stage, but with 3 other crucial opamp stages built around it for optimum tone, gain, power, and mixing capabilities.

The DBD is a medium to high gain distortion device, with an emphasis on control and simplicity. What's unique with this circuit is it's ability to blend the distortion circuit with your clean sound with the "BLEND" knob, and it's versatility in tone shaping, with it's active tone controls ("Bass" and "Treble" controls)...With these controls and circuit design, this pedal is meant to work equally well for both guitar and bass.

With it's active tone controls you can boost, cut, or get a flat tone response (as opposed to cutting either bass or treble on a typical distortion tone control). This adds a ton of tone shaping options and makes this pedal great for a variety of guitars/rigs as well as making a great option for bass guitar. 


This pedal does lower-medium gain settings (for maybe a "blues-ey" style, ala gilmour), or higher gain settings for heavy riffing and can even get those sludgey-fuzz sounds for stoner/doom styles, depending on your tone and gain settings.

If you need a great distortion/fuzz look no further... I took great time and care in designing the Duck Blaster Distortion pedal and I sincerely hope you love it!


Duck Blaster Distortion

SKU: 004
    • Adapter power requirement: Standard 9V DC center negative 
    • Current Draw: about 10mah
    • Dimensions: 4.7 x 4.7 x 1.34 in.