The 8-Bit Duck is a simple analog sample rate reducer, which turns your signal into a bit crusher, of sorts... but with it's own unique sound and character! It uses a "carrier" frequency to set the pitch and drive the "crushed" signal, which can be tuned w/ the "bit" control. The "res" switch can be set to low or high resolution to control the overall range of down-sampling effect. This has the affect of reducing the quality of your guitars sound to NES and telephone quality rates. This effect is more subtle and usable than most "ring mod" type pedals, but does have some of those ring-mod type sounds in there as well, especially noticeable at extreme settings. 

The newest version of the "8-bit duck" also sounds great on bass as well as guitar. The carrier frequency noise level has been reduced significantly on the newest version, as well.

8-Bit Duck

SKU: 02
    • Adapter power requirement: Standard 9V DC center negative 
    • Current Draw: about 10mah
    • Dimensions: 4.41" x 2.38" x 1.22"