My Story

Luck Duck Pedals is dedicated to bringing you the best in quality, hand-crafted, boutique guitar pedals. My goal is to create and build excellent sounding and looking effect pedals that are simple, musical, unique, and useful.

Luck Duck Pedals started in 2010, when I became obsessed with buying and trading guitar pedals for personal use and in my band (Tears Of Mars). I was unhappy with a lot of the mass produced pedal offerings available on the market, which brought about the question: What if I could modify and or redesign these things to sound better to suite my needs as a guitarist?... So the seed was planted and I started experimenting with soldering, circuit bending, and pcb layouts and realized how much potential there was for improvement and/or change in a lot of the popular guitar effects. From there the hobby grew organically and I started creating my own versions of popular designs along with a few originals. Initially I was hand-painting, building, selling, and personally delivering pedals to friends and local musicians in whatever avenue was available to me at the time (craigslist, facebook, music venues, ect.). As I progressed in the craft, I naturally started growing in the online market and musical instrument world and I've been carrying on and growing ever since. To this day I still thoroughly enjoy the creation process and the individual crafting of each pedal, and hopefully that love and individuality carry's through whenever you play through a Luck Duck Pedal. 

Whether you're looking for one of our original effects or a custom,"one-off", Luck Duck Pedals is here to satisfy your need for great sounding/looking effects pedals.